Basic documemtation question

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Sat Sep 1 01:19:10 BST 2007

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> On Friday 31 August 2007 04:51:18 Phil wrote:
>> Thank you for reading this.
>> Due to a recent system upgrade I've lost my original documentation
>> settings. I'm attempting to read documents that I had previously 
>> downloaded
>> rather than read on-line documents.
>> For example, the following are the first four lines from
>> "/usr/share/apps/kdevdocumentation/tocs/stl.toc".
>> <!DOCTYPE kdeveloptoc>
>> <kdeveloptoc>
>> <title>STL (</title>
>> <base href=""/>
>> I've edited the base href line as follows (and this one of many ideas 
>> that
>> I've tried):
>> <base href="/home/phil/stl.doc"/>
> Try <base href="/home/phil/stl"/> instead

Thank you for the quick reply.

Unfortunately, due to a typographical error, stl.doc should have been 
stl_doc, which is the directory where the STL documents are stored.

I had already tried stl_doc/index.html which didn't work either.

If I find the answer I'll definitely make a note of it this time.


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