Project using pkg-config

Jordi Rovira caminant at
Sun Nov 25 18:56:44 GMT 2007


  First of all, congratulations to the team for KDevelop. I've been
evaluating many IDEs until now and i think this is my best option for

  Now the questions:

  1 - My project under Debian Testing is using libraries that use
pkg-config. I can add

`pkg-config --cflags freetype sdl`

 to the compiler flags in the subproject options CXXFLAGS, and it
works. However, the next time i load the project i get it modified to

--cflags `pkg-config freetype` sdl

which is bad. I could copy whatever this command returns, but this is
not the philosophy of pkg-config. The same problem happens with
linking parameters. The question is: what is the proper way to use
this pkg-config libraries in KDevelop automake/autoconf projects?

This is KDevelop 3.4.1 under KDE 3.5.8.

 2 - I am using two monitors, but the user interface can't benefit
from this. I try to change the major user interface mode, but the
configuration dialog doesn't show this option as it should accoridng
to the User Manual. It is just not there, only the bottom part. I
don't know if that was removed or it is somewhere else. Any hint?

Thanks in advance!


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