Debugger - gdb process exit [gdb interal commands attached - very long]

Vladimir Prus ghost at
Wed Nov 7 20:10:33 GMT 2007

On Wednesday 07 November 2007 20:05:13 Alvin wrote:

> > Can you right click on GDB window, select "Show internal commands",
> > copy-paste it all and either send it to be directly, or create a bug and
> > attach it there?
> Sure, I'm happy to help. I wrote the trivial program below using a new 
> Automake project to help shorten the output. I added the line numbers in 
> hopes that the gdb output is easier to trace.
> I set a break point inside of pack_message(). I then examined s. Then I 
> stepped line-by-line till I got out of the function. That's when gdb Process 
> exited occurred. The Internal commands output is listed below the source 
> code.

Thanks for excellent reproduction recipe. It turns out to be an
embarrassing bug in GDB, introduced by myself. I should have tested GDB 6.7
with KDevelop some time before release, but failed.

The GDB bug is now fixed in GDB CVS HEAD. If you could try that, it would be

I'll think if a KDevelop-side workaround is possible.


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