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Tue Jun 19 15:14:31 BST 2007

On Tuesday 19 June 2007 15:32:49 Arijit Das wrote:
> I noticed that when a 'C structure' is defined in a header file, say
> "a.h", which I am including in my "a.c" file, intellisense doesn't
> work while using that structure (defined in the header file) in my a.c
> file.
We do not call it "Intelisence". We call it "code completion".
What KDevelop version do you have ?
Please update to the latest binary snapshot available at the download section 

> Do I need to do anything to make that work?

> Shouldn't that pick that 
> info automatically from the header file?

> My appologies if this is not the right forum to ask this question.
This is the correct Mailing list

Amilcar Lucas
The KDevelop project

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