Subversion, RapidSVN and KDevelop 3.3.6

Andreas Pakulat apaku at
Mon Jun 11 22:39:34 BST 2007

On 11.06.07 15:42:54, Ed Peddycoart wrote:
> I have FC6 installed on my Laptop. I am using KDevelop 3.3.6 (Using KDE 
> 3.5.6-0.3.fc6 Fedora Core). When I installed FC6, I selected KDevelop to 
> be installed and having changed/installed anything else related to KDev 
> since then.

We don't support that version anymore. Update to KDevelop3.4.1, packages
for FC6 available from our website.

> I have tried to follow the threads on how to use KDevelop with 
> integrated support for SVN but have not gotten a clear understanding of 
> what I need to do. So can anyone provide a simple step by step on what I 
> need to do? For example, do I have to rebuild KDevelop? Which plugins to 
> installed etc. etc.

Kdevelop comes packaged with svn support (at least the 3.4.1 packages
from our website include that). You may need to restart KDE after
installing it so that it works properly. After that just checkout your
project from subverion and import the working copy into KDevelop as
Project, via Import Project. Then activate the subversion support under
the Project Options->Version Control page.

If you want to create a new project and check it into subversion thats
(IIRC) also working, just use the create new project wizard and ont he
version control page select subversion and fill out the url. Then a new
directory with the project name and a structure of 


will be created. The new project will be put into trunk/ and checked out
afterwards. Then the checked-out project is opened. 

Interaction with subversion is available in context menus of the
FileTree and the QMake and Automake managers.

> Otherwise, for the time being, I plan to use KDevelop to develop/debug, 
> and use RapidSVN as my interface to SVN.... which leads to another 
> question: What files, other than my .cpp and .h files should I put under 
> SVN control?

The buildsystem and if existing the .kdevelop.filelist file. If you work
alone on only 1 pc you can also checkin the .kdevelop file, but bear in
mind that it contains absolute paths for certain things, like the build
directory, the executable and the working dir of the executable. Also
the project directory itself might be stored as absolute path. You can
change that latter one via the Project Options page, but not the others
(that is you cannot change them to be relative paths)


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