Subversion, RapidSVN and KDevelop 3.3.6

Ed Peddycoart linux at
Mon Jun 11 21:42:54 BST 2007

I have FC6 installed on my Laptop. I am using KDevelop 3.3.6 (Using KDE 
3.5.6-0.3.fc6 Fedora Core). When I installed FC6, I selected KDevelop to 
be installed and having changed/installed anything else related to KDev 
since then.

I have tried to follow the threads on how to use KDevelop with 
integrated support for SVN but have not gotten a clear understanding of 
what I need to do. So can anyone provide a simple step by step on what I 
need to do? For example, do I have to rebuild KDevelop? Which plugins to 
installed etc. etc.

Otherwise, for the time being, I plan to use KDevelop to develop/debug, 
and use RapidSVN as my interface to SVN.... which leads to another 
question: What files, other than my .cpp and .h files should I put under 
SVN control?


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