Setting up workspace with subprojects for shared lib and test app

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Mon Jun 11 19:48:33 BST 2007

On Monday 11 June 2007 14:59:54 linux wrote:
> Andreas Pakulat wrote:
> > No. KDevelop3 supports only 1 project at a time. You can however create
> > two subdirectories, one for the library the other for the application.
> > How to do that depends on the buildsystem you want to use.
> How would I do that if I am using the autotools?
> Ed
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I'm currently doing this. It's fairly straight forward.

All you do is create a new autotools project. For me, it's a C++ project. I 
created the project for the driver program, not the library.

In Automake Manager (on the right), right-click on the top-most item in the 
box at the top. For me, this item has the kdevelop icon. Then select  "Add 
new subproject". For example, "libturkey_hunt.

Right-click on the "libturkey_hunt" entry that you just created and 
select "Add New target".

Under Primary, select Libtool Library. Give the library a name in the File 
name field. To keep it simple, at least for me, I just chose the same name: 

Now, under the top most project (the one with the kdevelop icon) you have two 
subprojects: src and libturkey_hunt. You can rename src to "turkey_hunt" to 
be more descriptive...I did.

One last step is left. You need to make sure that the library subproject is 
compiled first. That's easy to do: Right-click on the top most entry again 
and select Options.

Select the Build Order tab

Change the order of the two project so that library project is at the top.

That's it. Now you can develop each subproject and compile and run.

These directions are pretty sparse on detail, but hopefully they are enough to 
get you going.

Good luck,


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