Cmake Project, new class does not compile

Andreas Pakulat apaku at
Sun Jul 29 21:26:57 UTC 2007

On 29.07.07 21:29:18, Ulrich Mierendorff wrote:
> Looks like I found a solution: In CMakeLists.txt in the src/ direcetory 
> I changed a line:
> ADD_LIBRARY(blubproject SHARED blubproject.cpp)
> to
> ADD_LIBRARY(blubproject SHARED blubproject.cpp cache.cpp)
> But is this the way it should be done? The class creation wizard should 
> add this automatically, or was it my fault?

No the class wizard only creates a new class in the .cpp/.h file. Those
files are automatically added to projects that KDevelop knows, but
KDevelop knows nothing about CMake. All KDevelop3 can do with a CMake
project is run make in the buildfolder, you have to edit the
CMakeLists.txt files yourself when adding new files or doing other


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