XIM crashes

Amilcar do Carmo Lucas webmaster at kdevelop.org
Sun Jul 8 10:43:21 UTC 2007

On Saturday 07 July 2007 23:11:48 Yang wrote:
> So I'm starting to use KDevelop (3.4.1) on Ubuntu Dapper and I'm
> running into the "famous" XIM bug. I've read on the mailing lists that
> I should disable XIM in qtconfig (uncheck the box):
> http://lists.kde.org/?l=kdevelop&m=113475506409530&w=2
> However, it was already unchecked, and I'm still encountering these
> errors. Any hints? Thanks in advance!

Like we said before already, please update your KDE and Qt.
Amilcar Lucas
KDevelop.org webmaster

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