Print option in debugger

Andreas Pakulat apaku at
Wed Feb 28 20:10:28 GMT 2007

On 28.02.07 20:56:48, Leon Pollak wrote:
> On Wednesday 28 February 2007, Andreas Pakulat wrote:
> > > But debugger interface, if compared to the rest of
> > > the IDE is less rich (no suitable registers view, no mixed (source/asm)
> > > view, problems with console and MI interface to gdb, etc.). I am not
> > > blaming anybody in any way, just telling my own feelings...
> >
> > You are free to write wishlist reports for any of these to get this for
> > 4.0. The only thing that I think can't be done is a mixed source/asm
> > view, because our editor doesn't allow that.
> Well, OK. Just tell me please, where this the place to write this which list?

Ok, now I got it :) Go to and file a new wishlist report
against kdevelop.


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