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Andreas Pakulat apaku at
Thu Feb 8 12:42:06 GMT 2007

On 08.02.07 13:09:54, Bernd Schubert wrote:
> somehow I think codecompletion tries to complete too much. All I need is 
> showing the arguments of a function and showing members of a structure or 
> class.

Which version of KDevelop are you using?

> So for a function: When I type "my_func(", ONLY now arguments should be shown, 
> but only as help. Long ago in the past it was that way.

This works for me here. Or do you mean when you write the definition of
the function?

> For a structure: When I type "my_struct->", as above, show arguments after I 
> typed the "->".

Should work too, does here, although I use manual completion.

> Whats happens right now, I type "my_func(", nothing happens, 
> further "my_func(my_struct" and already now the selector appears and shows 
> the type of the structure. But I already finished typing, not only that the 
> auto completion confuses, it also actively forces more keystrokes or 
> mouseclicks then without autocompletion.

uhm, autocompletion has a timeout after which its activated, so if you
type fast enough it won't be triggered until you finished the word.

> Is there a way to disable auto completion for everything else than 
> typing "func(", "stuct->" or "struct."?

There's a way to disable auto code completion and argument hinting in
general, see the C++ Options. Then you can have hints or completion by
pressing Ctrl+Space.


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