error at link ( build ) the project (glib)

Agra agrarizqac at
Wed Feb 7 01:51:03 GMT 2007

Hi all....

I'm new to GCC and Kdevelop... so Any help will be
verry helpfull.. :)

I use SuSe 9.3 Proffesional dan Kdevelop 3.2.0

I want to make a prgram that use glib linked list. And
I saw someone code that us it adn I copy and paste
some of his code...
I've install tha same glib version like he did too :
glib-1.2.10-593 and glib-devel-1.2.10-593

and the glib things in there, in /usr/include/glib.h
and in the /usr/include/glib/ folder.

here is my code ( part of my file ) :

in file node.c :

#include <node.h>

GList *node_move_detector_to_front (GList *list, GList
	list = g_list_remove_link (list, this_list);
	return g_list_concat (this_list, list);

and in file node.h :
#include <glib.h>

GList *node_move_detector_to_front (GList *list, GList

When I compiled it, kdevelop doest give me any error

node.o(.text+0x721): In function
/root/tata/aisnids/src/node.c:389: undefined reference
to `g_list_remove_link'
undefined reference to `g_list_concat'

I've tried to include the glib.h from Automake Manager
and tried both, the link and copy option, but I still
get the same error.

Anyone can help me please....

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