Help with Language Support Plugin

Michael Uman merlin at
Wed Nov 8 23:16:38 GMT 2006


I am trying to implement a new language into KDevelop. My company
develops DSP chips which use a proprietary assembly language. I would
like to support the generation of the microcode using the KDevelop IDE.
We are currently using some other IDEs for their syntax color
hilighting. I would like to support this in KDevelop and also support a
project database of symbols for use in a project browser.

I have used the KDevelop wizard to generate a skeleton for a Language
Support plugin, but I don't know how to use it. I have installed it and
would like to find an example of how to generate, install and use a
language support plugin. I have googled my eyes off, and still have not
found the answer. Thus I have posed this question to the KDeveloper
mailing list.

Much thanks for any useful suggestions...

Michael Uman <merlin at>

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