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Phlip phlip2005 at
Tue May 30 00:15:21 BST 2006


I have tracked KDevelop thru the years, and when I finally encountered
a project that needed it, I was quite pleased to find it now has a
complete set of balanced features and a slick GUI.

Now I try to use it. I need this working cycle:

 - type on the source just a little
 - hit one button
 - learn if the program returned EXIT_FAILURE or EXIT_SUCCESS
 - optionally navigate to a failure
 - keep typing

Now Kdevelop works fine for that cycle, except for "hit one button".

To compile and run, I must hit several buttons (<F8> <Shift+Ctrl+F9>).
How can I configure that to run under only one button?

Next, at compile time, the keyboard focus shifts to the compiler
output pane. I can't get it back with <Escape>. Because my working
cycle never needs a mouse, and frequently runs and tests, grabbing for
the mouse during "hit one button" damages that working cycle. Further,
clicking the mouse into the editor area moves the cursor, and my
working cycle depends on I typically need to keep typing at the same

Is there some way to configure the keyboard focus to remain in the
editor during compiling and running?

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