configuring for cross compiling

kitts kitts at
Mon May 22 18:12:35 BST 2006

I am resending this mail as it seems to have gone lost the first time.
I use KDevelop in developing projects for the AVR processor. I have it 
configured to cross compile by specifying "--host=avr" under the projects 
configure arguments.

This works well however, has its limitation in that the project can only be 
easily built -by the people i distribute it to- when using KDevelop. I 
would rather have it such that the project could be built straight from the 
command line.

building for the AVR platform requires the additional compiler option; the 
part number such as "-mmcu=atmega64". I would like to leave this option to 
the individual while making the "--host=avr" as default. How can i do this?

Further, i would like to perform some additional processing on the 
resulting .elf file after every build. Commands that split the elf file to 
flash image, eeprom image etc. while indicating to the user the amount of 
memory consumed. This should happen independent of whether the binary was 
built from the command line or KDevelop IDE.

How would be the best way that i achieve the above?

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