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Andreas Pakulat apaku at
Wed May 3 22:43:04 BST 2006

On 03.05.06 20:04:14, Alex Bligh wrote:
> >Let me have a look at the svn-history of that file... Ok, the fix was commited 
> >Sep 28 by Andras Mantia as can be seen here:
> >
> >And KDE 3.5.0 (and KDE 3.3.0 with it) was tagged on Nov 9th. So the fix
> >is definetly in KDE 3.3.0 and if it's not in the source package that is
> >shipped with Ubuntu Dapper blame Ubuntu for removing this fix from the
> >source.
> I just checked.
> The patch you attached is already in Dapper - the Ubuntu patch does not
> touch catalog.cpp.

That's what I suspected.

> I would thus conclude this patch does not fix the
> problem.

Actually it doesn, but now that I think another second about it I think
your problem is somewhere else. Note I'm not a kdevelop hacker, just
happened to check in the source here and there, but I think catalog.cpp
is only valid for the pcs files. I think you should go to kdevelop-devel
with this, as more developer read that list than this one. It seems that
kdevelop's auto-complete for the open project support has a bug in it.

> There seem to be multiple people reporting similar bug reports
> in bugzilla.

Well, I saw two or three, but I didn't check how old they are...

> If it works on 3.5, there must be some other fix which
> needs backporting (happy to volunteer if you know which one it might
> be).

You're confusing kde and kdevelop version numbering. The current stable
kdevelop is 3.3.x, but it's released in sync with kde 3.5.x. Thus when
kde 3.5.0 was released kdevelop 3.3.0 was too, the same for 3.5.2 and
3.3.2. The next kdevelop release is 3.4.0 which "will be there really
soon now" ;-)

> Several of the problems are completely repeatable from a blank
> project.

I currently don't use kdevelop (and am using the 3.4 branch anyway) and
I also don't have the time to look into this atm. Please try to find a
kdevelop-developer to help you on kdevelop-devel.


You have the capacity to learn from mistakes.  You'll learn a lot today.

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