Remote compile and build

Vladimir Prus ghost at
Mon Feb 27 11:33:22 GMT 2006

Hi Marcelo,

> I've been using kdevelop for a long time (since 3.0.1) and i have to
> congratulate you guys! But now i need some help setting up the
> following: I have a desktop pc where i have libs i need and the code.
> But i prefer to program in my notebook. How can i use the kdevelop
> project and code i have in the desktop pc and edit the code in my
> notebook and build and compile on the desktop?
> I'm using automake, autoconf,...

Two ways, I think:

1. Create a script "g++" containing:

   ssh desktop -c "g++ $@"

or something, and make sure this "g++" preceeds the standard "g++" in PATH.

2. Install distcc, so that "g++" on the command line uses distcc. Change the 
DISTCCHOSTS variable to only include your desktop machine.

- Volodya

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