Remarks on 3.3.93

Andreas Pakulat apaku at
Mon Dec 11 15:36:57 GMT 2006

On 11.12.06 16:54:20, Leon Pollak wrote:
> I installed the 3.3.93 and have the following questions:

I suggest to fetch the svn version, there have been numerous bugfixes
since then. See
for instructions.

> 1. In IDEAl mode kdevelop always starts on 1/4 of the screen. Why?

Because KMDI (the underlying library for that ui mode) is totally
broken. Check out the Simple IDEAl mode, it doesn't have all features of
IDEAl, but is much less broken.

> 2. is it possible for buttons of plugins to remember their position (side)? I 
> want to have these buttons on the other sides of the screen then they are 
> positioned by default. Each time I load the project, I need to place them to 
> the "correct" sides, but then they "forget" their postions...

If this doesn't work, its probably also KMDI.

> 4. A bit more complicated issue - debugger.

:) I suggest to send the debugger problems to kdevelop-devel. Not all
developers read this list.

> 5. While in debugger - any attempt to step into any function (in another file, 
> may be this is importand?) leads to the debugger buttons unavailable in my 
> case. Plane gdb and 3.3.5 has no such problem.

Please add the gdb version and the output from kdevelop to your mail.
Try to reduce the amount of output by running kdebugdialog and deselect
all, except kdevelop (debugger)

> P.S. Once again, I turn to mail list maintainers - please, provide some 
> announcement mechanism to inform people about the new versions, releases...
> I do not want to wait till "yum update" tell me about upgrades...:-)

There's an anouncement on for new releases. The next
release will be 3.4rc2. Its going to be tagged wednesday, tarball
release depends on the speed of KDE ftp maintainers.


You will have long and healthy life.

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