Remarks on 3.3.93

Leon Pollak leonp at
Mon Dec 11 14:54:20 GMT 2006

Hello, all.

I installed the 3.3.93 and have the following questions:

1. In IDEAl mode kdevelop always starts on 1/4 of the screen. Why?
2. is it possible for buttons of plugins to remember their position (side)? I 
want to have these buttons on the other sides of the screen then they are 
positioned by default. Each time I load the project, I need to place them to 
the "correct" sides, but then they "forget" their postions...
3. Yes, the new code completion is MUCH MUCH better! Really many thanks!
4. A bit more complicated issue - debugger.
	I have the .gdbinit file which has macro to load the application (via serial 
line) into the target. While loading, the macro produces some output 
	Now, if .gdbinit file calls this macro by itself, I do not see macro's output 
at all, I am just waiting and then gdb's console window becomes unlocked 
(active) without any info.
	But if I call the macro manually, from the gdb console enter dialog, I can 
see all the output correctly. 
	Is it possible to see it always?
5. While in debugger - any attempt to step into any function (in another file, 
may be this is importand?) leads to the debugger buttons unavailable in my 
case. Plane gdb and 3.3.5 has no such problem.

Hope this helps...


P.S. Once again, I turn to mail list maintainers - please, provide some 
announcement mechanism to inform people about the new versions, releases...
I do not want to wait till "yum update" tell me about upgrades...:-)

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