An IDE called 'QDevelop'

Dizzy dizzy at
Wed Dec 6 11:48:40 GMT 2006

On Monday 09 October 2006 14:18, Richard Dale wrote:
> I found out here:
> That there is a new IDE called QDevelop. I think people will assume it is a
> Qt only version of KDevelop when in fact it has nothing to do with KDevelop
> - it will cause confusion and potentially 'dilute our brand'. If we were a
> company with a registered trade mark we would sue them or something. But as
> we're a Free Software project there isn't a lot we can do I suppose.

1. Being a Free Software project is no excuse for not having a 
trademark; "Linux"(tm) is a trademark in many countries, so if you feel you 
need such protection go for it

2. I really fail to see whats so unique in "kdevelop" word that nobody can 
use "[A-Z]develop" from now on; it's obvious that people will presume its an 
IDE for QT (thats the first thing it crossed my mind) and I dont see any 
problem with that

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