Workspace support exists?!?

kitts kitts at
Thu Aug 31 18:43:12 BST 2006

On Wednesday 30 August 2006 01:39 IST, Andreas Pakulat wrote:
> > Does that mean that workspace support will not be part of KDevelop 4.0?
> > Is the idea shelved?
> I have no idea, you should ask this on kdevelop-devel. I guess if nobody
> wants to implement it, then it won't be done.
> While sometimes I find this workspace-idea useful, it would make
> kdevelop a monster similar to eclipse in terms of memory usage. And I
> think the developer rather speed up project loading than requiring
> 512MB RAM for KDev.

Agreed. I am not desperate for it but i consider it useful in ensuring that 
dependencies are up-to-date.

> > I was looking forward to it and a cmake manager like the
> > current automake manager.
> This _will_ happen, i.e. KDevelop4 will have cmake support, only that in
> KDev4 the project manager will be more general and there will be a
> second layer that maps the project managers actions to the actual build
> system.

I hope it is also included in 3.4. Speaking of it; when is the expected 
release of 3.4?

Currently i'm trying starting a project with cmake and am fiddling with it. 
cmake is so much easier to understand that autotools. Hope it's as powerful 
too! :-)

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