Workspace support exists?!?

kitts kitts at
Tue Aug 29 17:06:21 UTC 2006

I have had heard of workspace like support coming in KDevelop. Here, i see 
workspace feature mentioned but i don't see any information how to use it.

First, do i have the meaning right? Workspace to me means to have multiple 
projects which are deployed separately but have some dependency on each 
other. Something like KDE workspace containing KDevelop (application) 
project that depends on kdelibs (library) project among others. when 
building KDevelop i will be ensured that kdelibs is up to date. Is this 

If yes then is there any documentation with regard to organizing such a 

I am currently using KDevelop 3.3.4 with KDE 3.5.4.

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