PCS is hanging kdevelop-3.5_beta1

Karim Ryde karim at bredband.net
Tue Sep 27 17:48:13 BST 2005

I'm in Gentoo. First emerged KDE-3.5_beta1 then KDevelop-3.5_beta2.
Thus I have KDE-3.5 in a new slot in parallel to KDE-3.4.

On Tuesday 27 September 2005 18:00, Amilcar do Carmo Lucas wrote:
> On Tuesday 27 September 2005 17:19, Karim Ryde wrote:
> > When enabling pcs I cannot any files anymore. KDevelop hangs and takes
> > 90% cpu.
> > Tried "New project", removing old pcs, only QT, only KDElibs.
> > Maybe it's that I am in KDE-3.4.91, when trying to add kdelibs pcs it
> > points to /usr/kde/3.4/include.
> KDevelop 3.2.91 (3.3 beta 1) works fine with KDE >= 3.2
> So it should work fine.
> Did you compiled KDevelop from sources?

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