adding shortcuts to "CTags - Go to Definition/Declaration"

Timo Steuerwald timo.steuerwald at
Sun Sep 18 09:20:22 BST 2005

Jens Dagerbo schrieb:

>On Monday 05 September 2005 09:25, Timo Steuerwald wrote:
>>how can I add shortcuts to the CTags entries in the context menu? I
>>can't find an option in Settings->Shortcuts.
>Really? What version of KDevelop are you using? I think it should be available 
>in 3.2.0. (Settings->Shortcuts->CTags Frontend)
>You need a project loaded and the CTags plugin loaded at the time, btw.
Hi Jens,

I doesn't have KDevelop currently available but IMHO this shortcut only 
displays the CTags Frontend in the lower area of the KDevelop window. 
I'm searching for a shortcut for the "Go to declaration", "Go to 
definition" and "Lookup" entries of the context menu. If I'm browsing 
through the source code of a new, big project this feature would be very 
helpful for me.



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