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Don't know what it could be.  It worked for me when I manually imported the project.  I was using a QMake project.  Maybe there is a problem with another type of project.
The only thing I could suggest is to have a poke around the subversion code to see if you can find anything.  Maybe build it with debugging and add a few debug statements to track down the problem.  The svn code is in the <kdevelop_root>/vcs/subversion directory.
Anybody else have any suggestions?
Good luck,

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Thanks Patrick,
  but that doesn't seem to be working for me - when i chose to setup the project with subversion i at least got a subversion tab.  now i have a .svn folder in the project folder but i don't see anything even when i right click on files.  any ideas?  would it be easier to use cvs?


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You need to manually import the project and source files into a subversion repository.  Then restart kdevelop, and a subversion context menu should appear when you right-click on files.  Internally, the subversion module looks for the presence of the .svn directory in the same directory containing the file you click on.

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   Does anyone know how to use subversion from within kdevelop?  I've created a new project with subversion from within kdevelop, which has setup the repository but they're no commands like commit, checkout, the normal stuff.  how do i access this - i basically just want to save successive versions of my project.


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