Problems with Custom Variables in a qmake project

Tassilo Horn heimdall at
Tue Sep 13 13:15:37 BST 2005


I need to set some custom variables in a qmake-based Project. For 
example I've set

	Name: QT to Value: $$QT xml

In the qmake-pro-file I get the following entry:

	QT = $$QT xml

This is correct and I would be very happy with it. But if I close 
KDevelop and open it again, it doesn't read the Custom Variables 
correctly: It reads them till the first BLANK, so instead of getting

	Name: QT to Value: $$QT xml

I only get

	Name: QT to Value: $$QT

When I now use the qmake-manager and exit it with OK it saves those 
wrong values to my pro-file and I have

	QT = $$QT

in it. So as you see I'm not able to use KDevelop's qmake-manager 
without destroying my pro-file...

I use KDevelop-3.2.2 using KDE-3.4.2.

Any hints or workarrounds? Should I report it as bug?


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