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I'm trying to port a win32 project to linux/kdevelop3. In the past, I used a 
qmake project, with all the .pro files in each source directory. Now, I want 
it to be different. I want to keep all build environment specific files out 
of the source directories.
Our directory structure is as follows:

- bin -> all the binaries that are needed to actually run the applications 
go in these subdirectories
- embedded_debug
- embedded_release
- win32_debug
- win32_release
(- linux_debug)
(- linux_release)
- buildenv -> all the build environment specific files go in these 
- doxygen
(- kdevelop3)
- vs2005
- data -> models, textures, ...
- deps
- bin -> all the dependency progs go in here (moc, uic, ...)
- win32
- include -> dependency includes (mostly in subdirectories)
- lib -> dependency libraries (binaries)
- embedded_debug
- ...
(- linux_debug)
(- linux_release)
- doc
- ...
- api -> Doxygen generated api documentation
- include -> I created a script to link the include files in this directory 
to the ones in the src directory (for using the created libraries and easy 
- lib -> the generated libraries (binaries) go in these subdirectories
- embedded_debug
- ...
(- linux_debug)
(- linux_release)
- src -> All the source code (and only the source code) goes into 
subdirectories here

Pfff, not easy to explain the directory structure in ascii text, but I hope 
you get the picture.

Now my actually comments/questions:
- I didn't find a supported solution to get the kdevelop-specific files into 
the buildenv/kdevelop3 dir, withouth using some files in the src 
subdirectories. Without manually editing files that is. I don't have much 
experience with kdevelop and/or automake tools, so maybe it is already 
possible? I don't think qmake supports this. It would be great if it did 
though, cause I don't need all the overhead caused by automake and friends 
(only linux x86 has to be supported).
- Kdevelop seems to look for a Doxyfile in the same path as the .kdevelop 
project file. It wouldn't be too hard to add an option to specify the 
doxygen project file, would it? I'm not familiar with the kdevelop source 
code, so I'm just guessing.
- Is there a way to detect if header files are changed inside the source dir 
(using kdevelop or the underlying build systems) and run the script in the 
include dir? In windows, I do this with a post-build event. That's OK with 
me if I have to do that in linux too.
- Should I post bug reports about some of the above questions/remarks? Let 
me know!

Any comments and solutions greatly appreciated!

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