Kate limitations (Was: Auto-show of debugger windows)

Vladimir Prus ghost at cs.msu.su
Thu Sep 1 12:36:48 BST 2005

Hi Daniel,
> > > How unfortunate. Does this mean, we are never going to see something
> > > like the assembler code embedded int the c-source, like in kdbg?
> >
> > I'm not awere if current Kate can do this, either, and suspect that no. I
> > hope that in KDE4 both variable tooltips and interleaved asm source will
> > be possible, but KDE4
> > is so distant....
> Vladimir,
> why is it so difficult it get interleaved ASM? As an easy workaround, one
> could open another file/buffer (or yet another popup) and fill in the
> output of `objdump [-l] -S` 

Well, getting the interleaved output is easy. I was not aware about 'objdump', 
but kdbg has a working code for that.

The problem is to exactly match kdbg behaviour:

1. Each source lines becomes expandable and if expanded, shows assembler

So, either Kate should have collapse/expand behaviour for interleaved C++/asm 
files, or it should have API method to say "this is expansion of this line".

2. It's preferrable to show C++/asm view in the same editor window. It's 
theoretically possible to hide editor window, create new window with 
interleaved text, and place it to the same position, but it might not be 
reliable, or result in flicker.

Ideally, when debugger is started we should go over all lines of a file, get 
asm lines for it, and tell Kate to add asm lines as expansion of C++ line. 
That's exactly the functionality I can't find.

BTW, contrary to my previous option, Kate seem to provide interface for
text hints. So maybe we'll get variable tooltips soon.

- Volodya

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