KDevelop creates shared libraries without .so extension

Reiner Beck R.Beck at m4com.de
Fri Jun 10 12:17:41 BST 2005


when I create a new project for a shared library, the created library 
files do not have the ".so" extension.
Should be: libfoo.so / libfoo.so.0 / libfoo.so.0.0.0
Is: libfoo / libfoo.0 / libfoo.0.0.0

Digging into it, I found that this is due to a mismatch of the libtool 
version and the default project files which come with KDevelop. 
Replacing the file "ltmain.sh" in file 
with the version "/usr/share/libtool/ltmain.sh" fixed this problem.

One can fix this on a per project basis by running "libtoolize --force" 
and configure in the project main directory as well.

However, is this a problem releated to a version mix of packets?
Are there old default project files bundled with my KDevelop distribution?
Am I missing something?

This behaviour is similar on two different Suse 9.3 default 
installations ...

The problem can be reproduced:
- create a new KDevelop Project (C++ Simple Hello World),
- add a subproject
- add a target (libtool library)
- add a class to this lib
- build
The resulting lib does not have the .so extension.

OS: Suse 9.3 with online updates
KDevelop 3.2.1 (from Suse) with KDE 3.4.0 Level "b"
libtool: 1.5.14
autoconf/autoheader: 2.59
automake/aclocal: 1.9.5

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