Program command line arguments and debugging

Jan Romportl rompi_news at
Fri Jun 10 09:59:48 BST 2005

Hello everyone,

please could you help me with the following problem?

I would like to debug while giving the program some command line arguments 
(like "my_program input_file output_file").

I use KDevelop 3.2.0 (Using KDE 3.4.0 Level "b" SUSE 9.3). In the previous 
version shipped with SUSE 9.2 it was OK to write the arguments into 
Project->Project Options->Run Options->Program arguments. However, in 
KDevelop 3.2.0 no matter what I write here, argc is always 1 (i.e. no 
arguments passed from there).

Is there some trick I need to do to make it work?

Or even better - can't it work like in KDevelop 2.x where it was possible to 
click on the debug button (or hold mouse over it respectivelly) and then 
write the command line directly?

Thanks a lot


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