KDevelop newbie question on adding files to a project.

Amilcar do Carmo Lucas amilcar at ida.ing.tu-bs.de
Mon Jan 31 20:59:30 GMT 2005

On Monday 31 January 2005 21:38, Bob Cahn wrote:
> I've used other IDEs in the past.  I've been given some code which is in
> the form x.c, y.c, z.c and z.h.  I've opened up a new C project.  My
> question is, "How do I add all the files to the project.  main() is in
> x.c so I named the new project x and copied the contents of x.c into
> that source file but when I link I get the complaint that all the
> functions in y and z can't be found.  I've skimmed the docs but to no
> avail.

Amilcar Lucas
Current webmaster
The KDevelop project

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