'KDE-libraries-Doc' Not found. How to install it? or..

Andreas Pakulat apaku at gmx.de
Tue Feb 22 13:41:20 UTC 2005

On 22.Feb 2005 - 21:46:47, wathavy wathavy wrote:
> Thank you Andreas.
> I did apt-get installed kdevelop3 though,
> Now it says plugins are not available...
> There is a warning dialog and Kdevelop seems not 

But you are calling it via kdevelop3 right?

> working fine.
> Anymore to apt-get install?

No, but you should cleanup $HOME/.kde/share/config and move any kdev*
files out of there. Also I hope you did a apt-get remove --purge
kdevelop, so that the old kdevelop is completely removed.


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