3.2 beta1 and subversion compile problems

Jonas Jakobsson jonas at update.uu.se
Tue Feb 15 01:14:10 UTC 2005

Ok, this only applies if you have KDE version less than 3.3.90.
This is for kdevelop 3.1.92 ( kdevelop 3.2 beta 2 ).

To enable subversion support:

1. configure in the normal way. Normal = just bother with qt and kde includes and libs.
2. make
3. wait till you get a linking problem in vcs/subversion/integrator.
4. go to vcs/compat/netaccess. Do a make.
5. go to vcs/compat/svn. Do make, then make install.
6. edit vcs/subversion/integrator/Makefile
uncomment all lines to do with netaccess (it was only 2 i think).
7. edit vcs/subversion/Makefile. Do the same as in 6.
8. go back to the root of the source tree (like /path/to/kdevelop-3.1.92)
9. make
10. make install
11. now just run kdevelop. The subversion menus only seems to appear if the project directory 
with your source is already version managed.

* Claudiu ANGHEL (claudiu.anghel at skynet.be) wrote:
> Please can you can give me a more "step by step" hacking guide till 
> somebody fixes it in a "professional" way.
> Jonas Jakobsson wrote:
> >Hi, I saw some ppl had compile problems with subversion + kdevelop so I 
> >just wanted to drop my 2 cents. I almost got it working.
> >
> >When compiling i got linking problems in vcs/subversion/integrator.
> >It seemed make didnt process vcs/compat/netaccess before linking to the 
> >nonexistent library there. (My kde version was below 3.3.90)
> >
> >It turned out i needed to uncomment all lines in the Makefile in 
> >vcs/subversion/integrator that contained "netacces" (upper+lower case). 
> >The same in vcs/subversion.
> >Then i ran make manually in vcs/compat/netaccess. Then it compiled.
> >
> >After running i got klauncher complaining that it didnt know svn+http.
> >I copied vcs/compat/svn/svn+http.protocol /usr/share/services/  (i have 
> >debian unstable).
> >
> >Now when i try to add a file to repository i get:
> >Could not start process. Unable to create io-slave.
> >klauncher said: Error loading 'kio_svn'.
> >
> >locate turns up zero hits for kio_svn.
> >
> >And now im stuck :)
> >
> > 
> >
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