3.2 beta1 and subversion compile problems

Jonas Jakobsson jonas at update.uu.se
Mon Feb 14 13:20:30 GMT 2005

Hi, I saw some ppl had compile problems with subversion + kdevelop so I just wanted to drop my 2 
cents. I almost got it working.

When compiling i got linking problems in vcs/subversion/integrator.
It seemed make didnt process vcs/compat/netaccess before linking to the nonexistent 
library there. (My kde version was below 3.3.90)

It turned out i needed to uncomment all lines in the Makefile in vcs/subversion/integrator that 
contained "netacces" (upper+lower case). The same in vcs/subversion.
Then i ran make manually in vcs/compat/netaccess. Then it compiled.

After running i got klauncher complaining that it didnt know svn+http.
I copied vcs/compat/svn/svn+http.protocol /usr/share/services/  (i have debian unstable).

Now when i try to add a file to repository i get:
Could not start process. Unable to create io-slave.
klauncher said: Error loading 'kio_svn'.

locate turns up zero hits for kio_svn.

And now im stuck :)

HP: http://www.update.uu.se/~jonas 
PK fingerprint: D617 0029 A992 1E68 E981 055B 0BAE 3888 3997 24A6
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