How to put headers into different directory than src?

Tassilo Horn heimdall at
Wed Aug 31 20:53:27 BST 2005


in my current project (QMake) we have the following structure:

../trunk/includes/<projectname>/*.h <-- all headers of <projectname>
../trunk/projects/<projectname>/src/*.cpp <-- all cpps of <projectname>

How can I tell KDevelop to follow that convention?

What I've tried:
I created a new project in ../trunk/projects/. By default KDevelop would
put cpps and headers in its src directory. If I add a new header with
the QMake-Manager, choose ../trunk/includes/<projectname> as path,
enter "foobar" as file name ([x] add to Project) and click Ok, nothing
happens. The file is not created. Not in the include dir and not in the
src dir. But there's no error message at all...

Is KDevelop not capable of creating files below the project directory?

Creating the headers extrenally with touch and the adding them in the 
QMake-Manager works arround this problem but is rather uncomfortable.

BTW: Symlinking is no solution for us, because we have a heterogen 
     development environment with serveral devs working with Windows.

Much thanks in advance,

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