Debugger inserts at BP something

leonp at leonp at
Mon Aug 29 06:54:55 BST 2005

Hello, all.

As the issue looks for me very very strange, I want to discuss it here before 
going further...

I do embedded development with kdevelop 3.2.90 on FC3-64 machine.

Sometimes (!?) I run into a problem when the code at the breakpoint place 
becomes incorrect - the actual assembler command is substituted by the comman 
with the code 0x38000000 (PowerPC architecture), which is: load GPR 0 with 0.

I was sure that the problem is in downloading the code and recently made the 
trick to read it back and compare - no errors.

Now, I catch the cause -  when the donloading is done WITH the BP active (set 
in Kdevelop), the substitution takes place. When no BP is set before 
downloading - everything is OK.

One can ask (and this is what I ask myself) - Kdevelop is only a frontend to 
the gdb, blame it.
Fine, but how can this one explane that DDD (with the same gdb) has never such 
a problem for years?

I am lost and will be very thankfull for any ideas.

P.S. The same problem was with kdevelop 3.2.2

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