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Wed Aug 24 17:44:20 BST 2005

Hi Petr,

  I encounter this problem as well, and for some reason code completion is not 
working for members of the father class in the child class in this specific 
I guess the problem is because of the fact that only the ui - files, created 
with qt designer, are an actual part of the project and not the cpp/h files 
resulting from these ui files. Those cpp/h files are created during the build 
process and therefore the cppparser has no chance to know about its members 
because they are simply not there from the cppparsers point of view. Note 
that even the then generated files are not a real part of the project! Maybe 
seperatly parsing of the ui files would help to resolve this issue but that 
is something that kdevelop developers should do. 

So I think you do nothing bad at all. Code completion seems to work perfect 
except for this case. 



On Wednesday 24 August 2005 09:29, Petr Hlo┼żek wrote:
> Hello all,
> I'm new in KDevelop and QT and I have still problem with code completion.
> In Projet->Project options->C++ specific -> Code completion -> Code
> completion databases is set QT and KDE.
> I create form with only one label widget in QT Designer and then with
> Subclassing wizard add to the project.
> E.g. in cunstructor I write:
> label1->  and nothing.
> ctrl + space doesn't work. Code completion for widgets addet in QT designer
> doesn't work. Anybody know what I do bad?
> Sorry for my poor English.
> Petr

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