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Thu Aug 18 11:54:58 BST 2005

On Thursday, 18 ◊ĎAugust 2005 12:24, Peter M. Groen wrote:
> Hi,
> Currently i'm planning to write a book about C++ development with KDevelop,
> where KDevelop will be the main focus.. Starting with simple console
> applications, moving to Qt and ending with cross-development.
> The subject for console applications and Qt are already found, but the
> cross-development is something I can use some help with.. In the 2-series
> of KDevelop one was able to choose a different compiler, but in the
> 3.x-series this option is gone..
> Anybody using KDevelop for cross-development is welcome to share his or
> hers knowledge. I wasn't able to find it... :(
Yes, I do and found it very comfortable and easy.
You may choose the cross-compiler in Project Options->Configure Options->C or 
C++ tabs.
Linker is called as cross-g++ with your options too.

Except the poor debugger front end, the Kdevelop 3.2.2 is a brilliant IDE.

Dr.Leon M.Pollak
PLR Information Systems Ltd.

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