Space in the path / kdevelop 3.0.4

Mathieu Malaterre mmalater at
Sun Oct 31 04:34:40 GMT 2004


	I am trying to use the new plugin for KDevelop in CMake 
( But when I try to build my project I get an error 
because there is a space in my path. How can I work around that ?
It seems kdevelop is trying to execute this:

cd /home/malaterre/Dashboards/My Tests/CMake-kdev && make -k -j1

I can send you all the *.kdevelop* and *.kdevses, if you need them.

develop (file view): MyFileTreeViewItem::hideOrShow(): 
/home/malaterre/Dashboards/My Tests/CMake/CMake.kdevelop.ignore_pcs
kdevelop (cpp support): updating sourceinfo
kdevelop3: ClassViewPart::refresh
kdevelop3: ClassViewPart::refresh
kdevelop (core): MainWindowShare::slotActionStatusText() - Build project
kdevelop3: inserting stderr line: /bin/sh: line 1: cd: 
/home/malaterre/Dashboards/My: No such file or directory
kdevelop (auto project): [void 
CustomProjectPart::slotCommandFailed(const QString&)]

Using debian testing, kdevelop 3.0.4

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