KDevelop 3.1.1 build problem

Stefano Rosanelli stefanorosanelli at virgilio.it
Tue Oct 26 14:13:07 BST 2004

Alle 00:48, martedì 26 ottobre 2004, Steven Suson ha scritto:
> OK.... I have more information. I found a file that was successfully
> building, which uses KDE_IS_VERSION(3,2,90) ,

the macro is defined in kdeversion.h I see.
try with #ifdef to see if it's actually defined, otherwise try include 
kdeversion.h or even better assume KDE_IS_VERSION((3,2,90) to be true 
and drop the rest (not that elegant....)

> Ideas please? In order to get up and running under KDE 3.3.1, I have
> to get kdevelop to build.

I built kdevelop3.1.1 with both KDE3.2 and KDE3.3 without problems, 
there's probably something wrong in your system

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