[SPAM] - Newbie question: where can I put -l linker options? (Kdevelop 3.0.4)

Stefano Rosanelli stefanorosanelli at virgilio.it
Thu Oct 14 13:38:28 BST 2004

Alle 13:47, giovedì 14 ottobre 2004, Volker Scholz ha scritto:
> I don't think my mail is spam :-)

are you really really sure??? :-))

> I have checked project options->configure options but couldn't find
> an appropriate place (-L works in LDFLAGS, -l not).

Setting linker and compiler options depends on the project type.
QMAke and Automake projects, for instance, are different.
If you have an "Automake" (default for "C++ Hello World") project type 
just open AutoMakeManager; then select target, then target options -> 

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