debug problem after upgrade to 3.1

Dusan Zatkovsky zatkovsky at
Mon Oct 4 15:32:44 BST 2004


I have use kdevelop 2.x a lot. But when I have upgraded to mandrake 
10.0, kdevelop 3.1.0 and gcc 3.3.2 (Mandrakelinux 10.0 3.3.2-7mdk), I 
have problems with debugging.


- project->new->c++ hello world
- write some code
- build
- set breakpoints
- start debug

"Can't find executable blahblahblah".

Building process creates file myproject.C. Oh, god, what is this?!!
Why it builds non-linked binary? And if it is OK, why debugger tries 
to find "myproject" instead "myproject.C"?

How to solve this problem?


(aclocal 1.4-p6, automake 1.4-p6, autoconf 2.13)


Dusan Zatkovsky

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