im new to kdevelop. got some questions

Luciano Musacchio l0kit0 at
Tue Nov 16 10:16:35 GMT 2004

hi ppl,
im a new enthusiastic user of kdevelop, i just wanna say hello and ask for 
some advice on my reading plan for manuals,tutorials,etc.

i need to make a "control center", like a remote control for a subset of kde 
apps (konqueror, kmail, kopete, mplayer*, etc), i mean, for example, to make 
my own custom konqueror (just need to take off menus, redesign and integrate 
into the remote control, a far idea would be media player for windows, not 
the features, but the design idea).

now, qt widgets will allow me to do this?, the .tar.gz for kde distro will? (i 
mean, kdebase-3.3.1.tar.gz got some .project that i can open (im thinking: 
konqueror.project), edit with kdevelop/qt_designer and recompile?), if none 
of this, whats the best thing to do?, do you know any project already doing 
this, a remote control?, if there is, anyway i will need to know how to do it 

thanks in advance

*, for mplayer i need to take control over the keystrokes to pass them to 
a /real/ infrared remote control, im thinking no gui for this, just full 
screen play.

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