Space in the path / kdevelop 3.0.4

Fred fredn1 at
Sun Nov 7 16:17:15 GMT 2004

Hi Andy,

I've been snowed under and not reading my List-emails,
so sorry not to reply till now.

On Tuesday 02 November 2004 23:21, Andy Cedilnik wrote:
> What I would suggest, and this is just a suggestion, is that we
> (KDevelop developers and CMake developers) find a way to cooperate to
> overcome these kind of limitations. ...

No disagreements here.

> ... I personally do not use spaces in the paths for my work, ...

So I was preaching to the converted anyway ...

> ... but I can imagine somebody wanting to do that, so 
> all our testing is done on systems with spaces and without spaces.
> [snip]
> Anyway, I think adding support for spaces in the paths does not hurt
> anybody and as long as it is implemented the right way the only time it
> will break is on the project with spaces in the path and not on the
> project without.

Which can do nothing but good - and while I'm about it,
thanks for your committment and common sense.


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