Problem with using QextSerialPort

Petr Hložek petr_hl at
Thu May 27 15:50:36 BST 2004


could you help me how to set in Kdevelop? I don't use g  ++ in command line.
Excuse me, I'm beginner in C ++.


Amit Upadhyay napsal(a):

>On Wed, 26 May 2004, [ISO-8859-2] Petr Hlo?ek wrote:
>~ Hello all,
>~ I try to make simply application with QextSerialPort. I have problem
>~ with compiling.
>~ I get these error :
>~ undefined reference to `QextSerialPort::QextSerialPort[in-charge](char
>~ const*)'
>Its a linking problem, I am not familiar with QextSerialPort, but I am
>sure there is some library that you have to link against to use it.

Microsoft isn't the answer. Microsoft is the question, and my answer is no.

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