How to edit/modify main window with Qt Designer

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1) Only by code (see KDevelop tutorial)
2) Only by code 
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  Subject: How to edit/modify main window with Qt Designer

  I am new in Kdevelop/Qt .
  I use Kdevelop 2.0 and Qt Designer 1.1.
  I have created a new SDI project with Kdevelop, and i obtain the files :
  prj1.cpp , prj1.h, prj1doc.cpp, prj1doc.h, prj1view.cpp, prj1view.h and prj1ui.rc.

  1 - How edit and modify the main view window with Qt Designer to add/modify menus,
      toolbar... I have not some .ui file for the view classes generated by KappWizard for
     use by Qt Designer.

  2 - I have tryed Qt Designer with a new windows and i have see nothing for a normal view
       windows other than a dialog windows, nothing for menus, toolbar ?

  Thank for your help.
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