State of KDevelop after start

Bernd Pol bernd.pol at
Thu May 20 00:05:57 BST 2004

Hi Thomas,

Am Mittwoch, 19. Mai 2004 22:27 schrieb Thomas Satzinger:
> i am using KDevelop V3.0.3 which works pretty good to me.
> Only one thing annoys me.
> I setup the application layxout the way i want, which means, on the
> right side documentation view open, on the left side class view open,
> on the bottom side output window open.
> when i close KDevelop and restart all the settings are gone.
> So, can I save them anywhere?

AFAIK this settings saving is currently disabled due to some bugs in the 
UI. So we have to live with such annoyances for some time.

Have a nice day,
Never trust a running program, but always worship its makers.

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