Key mapping issues under OS X 10.3

Darryl Taylor dtaylor at
Thu May 6 19:10:51 BST 2004

Hello all,

  I am working with kdevelop on OS X 10.3. I am new to Mac and new to
kdevelop. I am running kdevelop 3.0.3 installed via Fink. Also I am
using Apple's X11 environment. I am modifying a pcap based application
and have a problem with the * character and the + character. I finally
found out how to produce the + via CMD+Shift+=; however, I have not been
able to get the * character using Shift+8 or any combination of Ctrl,
Alt, Cmd with Shift+8. What the Shift+8 does is highlight/de-highlight
the next character to the right and Shift+= highlights/de-highlights the
next character to the left. So I am thinking there is some sort of key
mapping issue. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.


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