Viewing, Searching, Adding and Removing class libraies

Stefano Rosanelli stefano.rosanelli at
Mon Feb 23 14:38:15 UTC 2004

Alle 07:02, lunedì 23 febbraio 2004, hai scritto:
> With Java IDEs it is usually
> I guess the comperable C++ feature would be the ability to view and
> manipulate the INCLUDE_PATH, and access the header files it points to. 

mmmm ... Java technology/platform is a different thing, I don't think it makes 
sense saying: with a Java IDE I can do this and that, I want to do the same 
with KDevelop in C++....

However using AutomakeManager you can set include path and libraries easily:
-  subproject->Options...->Includes (right click on subproj or click options 
- target -> Options -> Libraries (same...)

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