Code completion

Eugeny N Dzhurinsky eugenydzh at
Thu Feb 19 17:14:01 UTC 2004

On Thu, 19 Feb 2004 17:57:49 +0100
Jens Dagerbo <jens.dagerbo at> wrote:

> vector? There is no such type. I assume you mean std::vector. ;)

yes, sure :)

> Seriously, this is the problem. The CC isn't (yet) smart enough to
> import namespaces (if indeed you have done this) so it has no idea
> what "vector" is.
> This works fine here:
> std::vector<std::string> v;
> v.<completion kicks in>

okay, thanks, so this means that if i defining:

using namespace std;

vector<string> some;


this will not works, but 
std::vector<std::string> some;

will works?

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